RE: NAT external/Public IP

It doesn't tell you that you must use NAT. It tells you to properly
secure your internal address space SUCH AS PAT or NAT.

Implement IP masquerading to prevent internal addresses from being
translated and revealed on the internet.
Use technologies that implement RFC 1918 address space, such as port
address translation (PAT) or network address translation (NAT)."

NAT doesn't make much of a difference in how secure a public IP is.
As long as the host is properly secured it should be no different than
hosting a DMZ.

Nick Vaernhoej
"Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur."

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If its not a security risk then why is it a PCI requirement?

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On 2007-10-25 crazy frog crazy frog wrote:
On 24 Oct 2007 15:46:21 -0000, smarts_buy@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Would like know is ther any security concern to bring in
external/public IP with out NAT to inside of the enterprise network.
Is it any way more secure if we use NAT?
2)If you allow lots of machine to direct access the internet with
external ip they may pose a security risk.

How would that pose a risk that would not exist with NAT'ed machines?

Ansgar Wiechers
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becoming available."
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