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I would also recomend shopping at

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My first computer class was really comical. It was a Security+ class. I could not believe how much I did not know!!! I also took a hardware (A+) course at the same time. Same thing -- I had absolutely no idea what a the parts of the computer were, much less looked like. I remember that I thought the Hard Drive was the big box that sat on my desk ---- obviously I was wrong!!!!

I ended up accepting tons of books, magazines, and notes from the guys in my class. There were only two girls in my class. Frequent stops at Ebay and (which has low priced computer books) increased my library immensely. Now, I curl up in bed or curl up in front of the fireplace with a computer book and not a Ladies Home Journal!!

Again, you all have been great helping me out!!



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Do not belittle yourself. You took the steps to better yourself for
what ever the reason. That shows you have drive and ambition. Welcom
to the "Computer Club"
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Hi Group:

So, what is it about computer people??? You ALL are great!!!

I ask a question and I get a world of information from you with additional notes of "write me privately if you have more questions, etc."

There is something about computer people --- when I started taking basic Security and A+ Courses at the local Community College, everyone was willing to help me with questions, etc. You see, I thought I was a "brain" when it came time to computers. I knew Word and Excel ..... little did I know just how stupid I was when I first started at the College. I guess you could say I was "Stuck on Stupid." But the computer students and instructors helped me by giving me web sites, old books, etc.

Now, I am on a message board, where you help me as well. Sure beats the heck out of working with a bunch of complaining women who try to "one-up" you every chance they can --- whatever you have done, they have done it one-step better.

Thanks to everyone!!