Re: Anyone plans for CISSP-ISSMP?


I had an CISSP CBT iso which i had to archive cause lack of disk space on my laptop before i was trying to start it when i was available. Im looking for it now, most of the CBT's i have (i have Cisco; CEH etc) were CBTNuggets.

louislee@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
well there is one CBT training
there is no book what so ever from ISC yet..just some reference material.
don't know if the above is any good.

On 10/3/07, *Bora Özden* <vbozden@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:vbozden@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Hi Yousef ,

Thanks for the information you have reminded me the resources you
mentioned i knew before but very helpfull to see them on one
email . i
didnt visit the <> for a long time and
couldnt have the "legend"
CISSP book of Shon Harris yet to today. I have been away from the
side for a long time (till this year) so i have to learn, practice,
remember,have hands on more to be able to be much more for passing the
exam itself. And i guess the real life calls for more extending
Checkpoint and similiar products knowledge and experience and maybe
More study tips, setting up an enviroment out of work, up to date
experiences, motivation tips :-) are always welcomed of course.
There is
no limit for information sharing.

Good night from İstanbul to the list

Bora Özden

Yousef Syed wrote:
> Hi Bora,
> The (ISC)2 site is always a good place to start. They own/run the
> CISSP so they can give all the information regarding the course
> requirements etc...
> CCCure is the next best place to get your CISSP knowledge. They
> plenty of online exam practice too.
> For Books, I used the Official ISC2 CISSP book and Shon Harris's
> book. I've heard very good recommendations for the CISSP
Passport book
> (but I've never used it). Although the books cover alot of material,
> they don't cover "everything" that might turn up in the exam.
You will
> be examined on the 10-security domains, so technically, anything
> is related to those may come up.
> Goodluck,
> ys.
> On 03/10/2007, Bora Özden <vbozden@xxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:vbozden@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Im planning for CISSP for a long time but i dont have much time
to study
>> and recover /remember most of the things i have read before. Im
>> for to renew my resources i have a hard copy of an Wiley (?)
book as i
>> can remember but must be a little out of date, and also want to
renew my
>> web links too. The requirements also were mean to change i dont
know the
>> latest situation though i know when the next exam will be here in
>> İstanbul . (yes i have some oldie e-documents too)
>> See you all
>> Bora Özden

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