Re: Full Disk Laptop Encryption

On 9/27/07, Bob Beringer <bob.beringer@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I have found through my excessive blunders in the computing world that have
turned me into the find Computer Nerd that I am today (If you could only "hear" my sarcasm... ;p)

Damn typo's... "that have turned me into the _fine_"... I'm normally
not bad like this. I think it's time to use spellcheck... ;p

It is the only honest story that any of us can tell, who have been in this field for a while now ;-)

I'll have to check into the TECSEC.

If you need any support or help, let me know...
My team has very creative ideas, concepts and strategies for getting these things done right and are always happy to share ideas and concepts with good people :-)

That is appreciated. Thank you.