Re: Very strange nmap scan results

Yes I did.

for example fort 25 and its opened.

--- Brian Laing <brian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Also have you tried to telnet into some of these
ports to verify they
are or are not listening?

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On Sep 20, 2007, at 9:22 PM, infos3c@xxxxxxxxx

Hi Juan,

Here you have used TCP connect scan [nmap -sT].Are
you getting same
list of open ports for Syn scan [nmap -sS] also?

if you are getting the same ports for Syn scan
then put a sniffer
to see whether you are receiving SynAck from the
IP you are
scanning. If there are no replies coming the
problem is local o
your machine from where you are doing scanning.
However if there
are replies (SynAck) coming, then you know some
one is responding
to your scanning.

At the end of this if you conclude that the host
being scanned
(PIX) is really replying for all these connection
attempts then you
can try "Firewalking" on random ports to pass
through the

Hope this helps

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