Re: Comparing Open Source Firewalls

That's everybody for your input and suggestions. I think I'm going to
give monowall a try. Some asked to provide more info. This is to
replace a consumer grade router for a small office environment. I have
an old PC laying around so I was wondering which open source firewall
to use. The PC is a 400Mhz with 256 mb ram and 6 gig HD. Actually, I'm
torn between monowall and endian firewall. I think endian can do proxy
filtering and other scanning.

Thanks again, please keep the comments coming.

On 8/28/07, Kelly Keeton <kellyrkeeton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
have you considered the monowall and pfsense builds?

On 8/27/07, Nikhil Wagholikar <visitnikhil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Habs Fan,

IPCOP supersedes/overcome Smoothwall. IPCOP is more useful because:

1. It is by default very secured.

2. The GUI for monitoring this firewall has improved over the time,
besides its traditional Console access.

3. Also new and new features are added to it, as the version matures.

4. The security patches for IPCOP are released very very regularly and
are always useful.

5. It has fantastic GUI for defining port forwarding. Hence port
management on IPCOP firewall is very easy.

6. IPCOP uses IPTABLES, whereas Smoothwall (v1) uses IPCHAINS.
Smoothwall commercial version uses IPTABLES, but recently the free
edition also ships with

7. IPCOP supports GRE forwarding. This enables us to pass Windows based VPNs
through this box without jumping through hoops.

8. Online documentation is very very verbose, hence helps us to find
solutions if stuck for its management or configuration.

9. Smoothwall advertises more of its commercial version in its free
ware version unlike IPCOP.

Happy firewalling.

Nikhil Wagholikar
Information Security Analyst
NII Consulting

On 8/25/07, Habs Fan <habsfan645@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello List.

I would like to read your opinions on 3 open source firewalls. I know
> they are all from the same source base, but over the years the code
has been altered in all 3 of these firewalls.

1. Smoothwall
2. IPCop
3. Endian Firewall

If you could explain any experience and or comments in regards to
these firewalls. I would like to install one of them for a SOHO
environment. Are these firewalls secure and robust enough for todays
Internet threats?

Thanks for your help.