RE: HTTPS redirections


Like Jason said this can be done by using http header information - referer field.

By javascript for example you can access referer and depending on referer send a visitor to a page(site) you prefer.

Here is an example how to access referer field by javascript


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On 8/24/07, anthony@xxxxxxxxxxxx <anthony@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have noticed how some websites only allow access to a particular
page if a link within the page has been 'clicked' ie. user cannot
paste link address in browser bar to get to desired page.
For security purposes I would like to create a script and achieve
similar results.

I believe that (at least one way) this is done is by checking the
referer header. In PHP this can be accessed via the predefined
variable: $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], other languages should have
similar methods of obtaining this.

AFAIK, there is not a difference between HTTP and HTTPS as far as
this method is concerned.