RE: New Spam Technique

MailScanner is a beautiful open source solution. You configure it in
your Unix box and you will stop all these junk e-mails.

MailScanner uses spamassassin to fight spam and you can configure clam
anti-virus to check the e-mail for viruses. You can google for the
solution and you will get the right documentation to configure it.
Once you have it in your Unix box - you can use another tool called
MailWatch to monitor the e-mails flowing thru your box from your Web

Ensure you configure spamassassin with the Bayesian filtering enabled -
that enables it to autolearn the spam trends.


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Anything is always possible related to payloads and malware....thats a

Your dealing with pretty muchall of us are dealing with, I'd like to
know what others are doing to combat this. We use PDF via email lots,
and for me to block it would be bad. For me to Qtine it would be bad,
even with somethign like and EUQ solution.

PDF sizes vary, so blocking based on size is hard. My employees are
starting to complain about this, and I can't figure out a solution that
is rock hard to block the bad and pass the good.

What are others doing? We get hundred of these a day, if not more!


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Hi List,

We operate several mail servers with catch all accounts and have noticed
a lot of Mailer Daemon 'delivery failed messages mails from genuine
sites (mostly German)arriving recently. It would seem the spammers are
sending out e-mails with a PDF attachment and a forged senders address
to bogus recipients at these organizations whose mail server rejects the
message and sends notification to the forged sender. We have opened one
attachment on an isolated machine and it was one of the 'watch these
stocks they're going through the roof messages (not exactly sure of the
details as my German is a bit rusty). My concern is that there could be
a 'payload' embedded in the PDF. Is this possible?

The Simple Server Company
PO Box 51528

021 413642 09 5768552 <>

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