Re: Brute force attacks

Brute force attack are common. I get tons of them every day. There is
not much you can do.


On 5/31/07, Mohamad Mneimneh <Mohamad.Mneimneh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi List,

I've been experiencing brute force dictionary attacks from various
sources against my gateway. The attacker is trying all kinds of
username/password combinations to get in.

I have traced the source IP addresses on internet authorities such as
Ripe, Arin & Apnic; the feedback I get is that "Country is really world
wide". I then traced the IPs using visual route, and saw that their
locations vary widely; some of them are in the US, some in China, others
in Poland...

What are my options in such a case? Have you ever experienced such a
behavior? And what are the best practices that apply?

Thank you,