RE: Where to start?

Start here...

Vivek graciously put this site together specifically for helping people
like yourself learn more. His post a couple weeks ago said:

'This site uses video lectures to illustrate the programming aspects of

security software. Currently there are around 24 videos (300 mins) on
topics such as raw sockets, packet sniffers, packet injection etc. I
will be adding more videos soon.

This site is free and will remain free. There are no popups or
registrations required

. I am simply doing this because i love teaching and would like to give
something back

to the security community.



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Hello everyone,

I'm looking forward to a career in the security field. Specifically,
I'm interested in Pentesting. I concider myself "early" in my
education, and have alot to learn, but my biggest concern is, where do I
need to start?

I mean, what do I need to learn about to become a pentester, and where
can i gather and explore my knowlage?

In order to not leave this question TOTALLY OPEN, I'll give a quick
background of what I know so far.

I'm currently enrolled in classes to learn to be a Network/Server Admin,
including classes in Cisco, Basic Hardware and Microsoft Servers. I
currently hold certification for CCNA 1&2, and hope to get 3&4 in June
of this year.

Also, I have a linux server, and a couple of linux VM's that I've been
learning on. And I'm fiddling with "C" right now to get a basic
background in programming. But with the knowlage I have, I don't think
I could offer any value in a pentest. I've done some port scans of
various, random IPs (sorry if I gave any of you a scare at work :), and
I've seen open ports, but I dont' know what to do next...

So, what information do i need to study to start getting a grasp of what
I would be doing in my job? (other than just start hacking random
computers, which I'd rather not do)

I appreciate your help,

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