Re: Security Awareness - Best Ways

I used to work on a military contract in the US. Everyone on any post
has to take 2 online courses and a classroom course within 6 months of
joining (employment, contract, internship, etc.)

The online portion was not too difficult at all, but consisted of
reading a few pages and taking a quiz on teh information. Once you
pass all of the quizes you get a certificate. The certificate goes to
the Security Liason of your command and they report up to the Post
Security officer. The Certificates stay on file in the pesonnel
office of each command.

I would work with personnel and (as mentioned in other posts) see how
they mass training. One way to keep everyone interested in the
awareness program is to work up a monthly tech-note broadcast e-mail
to all e-mail users and ask that they share with those that do not
have e-mail (if any). Include in the note tips for windows or office
applications, and a security tip or two, keep it light and brief.
once in a while (with personnel's permission) drop a quiz on the desk
(mailbox, etc.) of 40 to 50 people and have them complete the quiz and
return to Personnel. the quiz should go in the persons employee file
once they have been scored. The quiz should be no more than 10
questions multiple-choice and true-false easy to take and to score.


On 5/23/07, WALI <hkhasgiwale@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If I had to undertake awareness training for about 1200 employees of my
company and the maximum seating capacity in the largest of the halls is
that of 20, going by that it would take a year to complete them all. How
should I start? I can't conduct training everyday as I have other things to
do but conducting awareness trainings is also part of job profile.

I have about a dozen departments and each department is having an approx of
80-90 guys. I have created a website but would newsletters/links etc would

Any other ideas to reach the broadest of spectrum?