Re: how do i start working??

On Monday 14 May 2007 10:03 pm, Cheyne Wallace wrote:
Aside from the obvious of knowing your game, and being a professional tech,
I do think almost 40% of landing a job is based on how well you connect
with the people you'll be working with. Try to not sound mechanical when
applying, and be sure to crack the ice a little when you do manage to get
an interview. Iv won jobs over much more experienced people simply due to
my attitude and the way I speak with the interviewer. After all, they'll
be talking to you day in and day out, they dont want some robot who's just
going to repeat the text books.

that depends on how the HR department gets their people. sometimes you have to
deal with somebody that will ask a series of questions the answers for which
come straight from a text book.

my advice is to do some basic research on an employer before applying to work
for them and try to get a feel for the business culture as well as the style
of interview(s) you can expect.

you are absolutely right-- it's all about *attitude* and *communications
skills* and not necessarily how many certs you have or a fancy multi-year
university degree... particularly if you are applying for a security

Jeff MacDonald,
Zoid Technologies <>

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