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Sharepoint 2007 could be a solution depending on what files need to

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Hi all -

I have a client who wants to allow employees to use their own laptops on
the corp. wireless network so that they can access files on the server.
I gave them a run-down of options (allow usual file sharing [bad idea],
MS VPN quarantine [complex scripting], SharePoint services [not bad, but
no printer access] and third party quarantine options).

Aside from any other ideas someone may have, it seems to me that the
third party compliance software/appliance, while probably being the most
versatile is pretty costly. I found a couple starting at about $20K.
Does anybody know of any devices that are significantly cheaper and can
allow my client to do what they want? I should mention that they are
bound by HIPAA regulations here. Or any approaches I haven't thought of?

Thanks for the input.


Adam J. Rosen
Buffalo Data Solutions

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