RE: Home laptops on a corporate network

Totally agree, not recommended.

Earlier we had some posts about patch management, and from what I
gathered, you could get some control by using PatchLink. Although, that
does not protect you 100%, you could place the VPN users on their own
VLAN where you can restrict the amount of access to internal

I've seen a different "solution" (not sure how much of a solution that
is) where the firewall is a high end Sonicwall, like the 4060 etc, and
the VPN clients were terminated to their own LAN segment. Then the
Sonicwall would use it's Security Services (Content filter, gateway AV,
Client AV enforcement, anti-spy ware, intrusion prevention) to filter
traffic between the VPN users and the rest of the network.

Also I'm not too familiar with the restrictions of HIPAA and SOX, so the
above might not event be "allowed" according to HIPAA/SOX.

I think this is a very common scenario, so any feedback (NOT FLAMING) is


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I'd recommend NOT doing this. Especially if you are trying comply with
HIPAA. Keep in mind that you will have little to no management
capability over these personal laptops, which means you have no ability
to verify patch level and AV update on these machines that may have EPHI
on them. Not to mention the fact that these employees are probably
taking them home and plugging them into their home networks, where they
(or their kids) are running bearshare, gnutella, grokster, bitorrent,
and surfing to unfiltered web sites. Not only does this mean that they
are potentially exposing critical data in this manner, it also means
they are bringing potentially infested computers into the soft chewy
center of your network.

Whenever you have an employee with a laptop, you create a liability to
your network, allowing them to use personal laptops presents an even
bigger liability. IMHO, this level of risk is unacceptable, especially
from a HIPAA compliance standpoint.