Re: Password Manager Software recommendations

If your looking for a good "Client / Server" password manager, NPM
(Network Password Manager) works
great.( A client is
installed on the end user machine, and all the passwords are stored
(encrypted) on the server.

There is one draw back. The application curently sends the stored
passwords in clear text across the network (which we found out during
testing). The solution is to use the MS IPSec implementation for the
specified NPM port.

It works well for what we need, and the passwords are centrally stored.

Hope that helps!

On 5/3/07, BSD Dude <bsdguy2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My users work with a fair number of systems and application which require unique log in credentials. As a result, I am actively looking for a password manager to help secure and organize these credentials for my end-users.

Having spent some time researching available commercial options, I have found basically two types of products:

Enterprise level products that are primarily single sign-on solutions--which are not feasible in my environment; or

Home user products that are basically all in one Internet security products--which are not suitable for my environment.

I am familiar with a few open source projects; however, there is a preference on the part of management to deploy a commercially supported/maintained solution; however, open source is not entirely out of the question (I really do not wish to start a debate on open vs. closed source security products).

The basic general requirements are:

Easy to use for most non-technical end-users
Small resource footprint
Easy to deploy
Use of AES, Two-fish, and/or Blowfish algorithms
Product must be actively supported/maintained for the foreseeable future (I am aware of the problems with this type of requirement)
Suitable for business/enterprise (MS Windows) environments

I'd appreciate some feedback/recommendations from those admins who have traveled down this path before.

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