Re: Password Manager Software recommendations

On 5/4/07, Chris Barber <cmbarber@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Based on your requirements, I can say that Password Safe is the
closest thing you will find.
Not sure of the encryption scheme????

I'm fairly sure it uses blowfish. As a side note, it was "originally
created by Bruce Schneier's Counterpane Labs" then went open source.

I find it extremely handy, and while I've not found a use for the
autotype feature personally, I've heard/seen comments from many folks
indicating that they are particularly fond of it.

I am sure it will be supported for the next few years or so
Yes has multiple platform support (win32 being the primary)

There is also a pocket PC version, which I find useful as well. Bit of
a gotcha with
the linux ones though (mypasswordsafe anyway) in that (as of about a month ago)
version 3 of the 'safe' data format wasn't working. Not a show
stopper, just required an export of the data to version 2 using the
windows client, but a PITA until I figured out why it wasn't working.