RE: Password Manager Software recommendations

For SSO I use the personal version of SSOPlus.

For Password Management, I use KeePass.

Both do what I need them to do.


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My users work with a fair number of systems and application which
require unique log in credentials. As a result, I am actively looking
for a password manager to help secure and organize these credentials for
my end-users.

Having spent some time researching available commercial options, I have
found basically two types of products:

Enterprise level products that are primarily single sign-on
solutions--which are not feasible in my environment; or

Home user products that are basically all in one Internet security
products--which are not suitable for my environment.

I am familiar with a few open source projects; however, there is a
preference on the part of management to deploy a commercially
supported/maintained solution; however, open source is not entirely out
of the question (I really do not wish to start a debate on open vs.
closed source security products).

The basic general requirements are:

Easy to use for most non-technical end-users
Small resource footprint
Easy to deploy
Use of AES, Two-fish, and/or Blowfish algorithms
Product must be actively supported/maintained for the foreseeable future
(I am aware of the problems with this type of requirement)
Suitable for business/enterprise (MS Windows) environments

I'd appreciate some feedback/recommendations from those admins who have
traveled down this path before.

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