RE: ACL design.

There is, I believe, an O'Reilly book dedicated to the subject.

I work with (extended) ACLs extensively, and there are a couple of
basic things to keep in mind:

1. Every packet starts at the top of the list and works its way down
until it matches. So the more packets you can match near the top of
the list, the less having an ACL will impact your network performance.
So, for instance, your "permit tcp any any established" line should
be right near the top. Try to put general rules near the top and more
specific rules near the bottom.

2. Every rule's processing includes matching, even if the match fails
and the packet falls through to the next rule, so try to avoid duplicating
effort. Filter out bad source addresses early (anti-spoofing) so you can
just use "any" as the source for the remaining rules.

3. While it never makes sense to have a discontiguous subnet mask,
sometimes you can save a rule or two by having a discontiguous wildcard
mask in an ACL. Get very comfortable with wildcard masks.

4. There are some issues for which you NEED a stateful firewall, and
ACLs just won't cut it. Understand these issues, and don't try to build
baroque ACL structures to "work around" them. Know the limitations of
your tools.

5. This is a reasonably good forum to ask for help with specifics; there
may be even better ones out there.

David Gillett

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Good afternoon,

What reading material can you guys suggest to establish a
good/great understanding of how to implement and maintain
access control lists.
Imagine going from no ACL's and dumb switches to a number of
core switches and plenty of ACl options. Aside from the
manual telling me how to create them it would be great with
some guidance.


Nick Vaernhoej
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