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My original question was whether a Masters Degree in Information Systems Security and a CCE Certification would qualify me for CISSP or do I need several years experience in the field.

There were some suggestions as to what I could label as "experience" and how to maybe cut corners. I never asked how to cut corners to get the Cert.


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I, in NO way, want to cheat, cut corners, etc. to get this or
any other Certification.

Elizabeth, I didn't see your original question (I've only just rejoined this
list), but I'm sure no-one was questioning your personal integrity. In fact,
I'm still not sure exactly what your original question was, but if it helps,
I'd think that a Masters in Info Sec (or even working towards one) plus CCE
would make you a good candidate for a range of jobs offering a way to
acquire more hands-on experience. Even if you didn't go straight into
something forensics related, CCE certification would say something very
positive about your dedication and capacity for learning. Employers worth
working for will value (among other things) experience, proven skill,
academic achievement and willingness to work for professional (in a
non-legal sense) qualifications. It depends on the exact job and the other
candidates, of course, but they'll often use the attributes you do have as a
guide to your potential in areas in which you may be less qualified right

I wish you every success in realizing your potential.

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