RE: Value of certifications

Quoting "Simmons, James" <jsimmons@xxxxxxx>:

Do you honestly think that any of these companies have
put that much time and effort into their tests?

The ISC2 is far from a startup company. ISACA has also been around a while. And their COBIT standard is used many places....

I may be wrong, but I think they have put some thought into their tests.

They are not getting the certs to learn
anything new. They are getting them to prove that they know.

Are you seriously arguing that most people who get their CISSP didn't learn anything new to pass? Would the same apply to the CISA and CISM tests from ISACA?

And at that
point I question why these certs have to cost so much?

While I wish they cost less, since I will be paying for any tests myself, the are at what the market will bear. If you can make one cheaper that is just effective, go ahead and do so. :)