Re: Value of certifications

/"But I find them only to be good if you
want a basic level system admin job"

/Lets take someone who has many certs against someone with NO certs. They both have been working in the field for 8 years. They both have about the same personality, and are requesting the same compensation for the position. Who do you hire? The guy who has just been working for 8 years. Or the guy who has been working for the same amount of time, but also took steps to further himself and his knowledge. People always assume that if someone has certifications they have no experience or vice versa. Think about the people who have the experience and have also keep working to further there knowledge.

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Simmons, James wrote:
I will have to disagree about the validity of certs. It is true that
certs will get you the interview. But I find them only to be good if you
want a basic level system admin job. Everyone is putting too much
emphasis about certifications these days. Granted it is a way to
determine that at some point an individual was able to remember (or at
least guess) the right answers for a group of questions at some point in
time, but that doesn't necessarily prove that someone is competent.

I will have to refer you to my long rant about the subject, but
ultimately my recommendation, work on a few projects in your spare time.
Write some white papers, do some research and present your results a
webpage. Actually do something that would impress employers. You can
either try to prove that you know something, or you can do something
that proves you know it.
And if you are worried that you might get passed over from HR because
you do not have a cert. Do you really want to work at a place that uses
an algorithm that pre-screens for minimal requirements? Sounds like a
place that is just looking for bodies to me.