RE: Value of certifications

Certifications get you through Biodata scanners in HR :)

Once you are through them, then only you are called for interviews.

So, certs are important for career advancement.

On another front, certs give confidence to your employer and client
about your capabilities.


Lalit Gupta

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I suggest that if you are going to look at the Security+ cert you
looking into the SSCP by ISC2 instead.
I have not seen much value given to Sec+ cert but I have seen value
given to the SSCP.
It also gives you a good step towards obtaining your CISSP eventually.

Douglas Schlachta

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My employer offers classes for 2 security certifications, CompTIA
Security+ and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. I
know that the CISSP certification is aimed more at management, and is
worthwhile, but I'm not management (yet), so I'm looking at the
Security+, but I don't know if it's worth the time. Does anyone know
how much value it has? I've been able to follow the discussions I've
seen here, but I wouldn't call myself a security expert by any means.

Bert Knabe

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