Re: Unknown user agent in my logs...

On Monday 09 April 2007, tony barry wrote:

I cant help with the user agent but the name suggests a tool to discover
network services.
Whois tells me the IP belongs to SBC internet services. They show up in
google. I suggest you report this to them. They are part of a major US
telecomms provider so there is a good chance they will take appropriate

Yeah, had the ISP part (I'm on SBC). Not certain how many others on the same
DSL subnet may have seen traffic...

As others have pointed out, the scan seems to be generated by a network
discovery tool provided by SingleClick Systems and embraced by Dell...

Now I wonder if the fault is in the coding by SingleClick or in the
implementation by Dell.
Unfortunately, SBC hiccuped and changed my IP address so the scan is gone
and I can't packet capture...

But, now swatch will tell me if the scan reappears.

Thanks anyway,
Clinton E. Troutman
Independent Computer Consultant for Home,
Home Office, and Small Business in Fort Worth, Texas

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