Re: DHL connect software

I put one of these stations on my network last week, we also have a FedEx terminal.
The FedEx terminal has been joined to our domain and I installed our AV on it, etc. but
I still have concerns. I am sure you can map the DHL terminal's services to other accounts
than admin but concerns still exist.

Based on my thinking about this, I am considering putting it and the FedEx terminal and any
others we may pick up into a DMZ or at least a VLAN. The files could be transferred to it
via in internal FTP site instead of mapping drives. My company has to adhere to PCI guidelines
so I am constantly thinking about this kind of stuff.

Hi all,
Has anyone had to install this software for their mailroom department? DHL
Connect-it allows staff to do their consignments up etc before sending the
packages through DHL.

I have found out that it uses 443 and 80 for the connection to DHL and for
updates it requires 20/21 (all outbound).

It also seems to require admin privs on the local box-and needs shared
drives if others on the LAN are to print reports from the dbase that gets
created on the workstation.

I am going to run filemon/regmon to see what kind of things it does in terms
of files and keys. Does anyone else have suggestions for what other info to
gather to test its 'secureness'?

There doesn't to seem to be too much by way of documentation.