RE: The Value of GIAC/GSEC Certification

Agree with everything Mark noted, however, I believe they did away with the
practical as of roughly 2 years ago. It may be only relevant to only some
of the GIAC certifications, but I distinctly remember seeing that the
practical was retired for various GIAC certs.

If this still holds true, its regrettable b/c the practical was indeed a
huge aspect in truly learning about a security disciplined compared to the
traditional multiple choice Q&A that you get with the exam portion and other
security examinations.

Overall, I highly recommend the cert along with partaking in an actual boot
camp prior to the cert. Like Mark said, great way to intermingle with some
of the top security professionals today.


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Hey there,

The biggest distinguishing factor between the 2 certifications is that for
the GIAC certs, you need to complete a practical. This is where I believe
the value comes in, as to be able to pass you must have the practical
knowledge. Take for example the GCFW ... when I did it you needed to design
a secure network, and display the configurations for the particular
components that you used. Then you had to show an attack on a previously
designed network.

If you participate in the courses, you'll also get to meet some of the top
guys in the security industry ... like Eric Cole, Stephen Northcutt Chris


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Does the GIAC/GSEC certification have value for someone with the CISSP

I am planning on getting my CISSP this year, but I may have a chance to go
for the GSEC a bit earlier. Would that add any value, or is it a waste of
time if I can attain the CISSP?


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