Re: The Value of GIAC/GSEC Certification


If you are looking to be a technical expert in specific areas or products
the SANS certifications holds significant value for someone with a CISSP
credential. The CISSP credential was developed to show a broad base of
generic (i.e. not product based) security knowledge and was intended for
individuals charged with overall security of an organization. It gives
tried and true principles that will not come and go with the market.

The GIAC/GSEC Certification is a more technical product based approach to
security. It does include the same CBK that the CISSP does, in a chapter or
two with reduced emphasis. It goes beyond the CISSP in covering more of the
"how to" of specific software products used to scan networks or check
certain aspects of security.

Hope this helps.

William M. Davis, CISSP, CISA

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Does the GIAC/GSEC certification have value for someone with the CISSP certification?

I am planning on getting my CISSP this year, but I may have a chance to go for the GSEC a bit earlier. Would that add any value, or is it a waste of time if I can attain the CISSP?


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