RE: Hard disk Encryption

Have you consiered PGP Whole Disk Encryption?

Easy to use, transparent to the user. PGP has just been voted Best Buy
for Whole disk Encryption and Best Enterprise Solution.

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What about SecureDoc? Anyone tried it?


At 05:05 AM 9/03/2007, Hugo wrote:
I would certainly go for Safeboot hard disk encryption Easy to manage
which is very important towards users as they will be your assurance
East to link with an active directory / ldap environment I evaluated
Safeboot, Pointsec, Safeguard (Utimaco) and Safeboot I defentively the

Hugo Deckx
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Why don't you have a look at Fox IT Control

The part of the software dedicated to workstation control allows you to

encrypt part of the file systems using a group or a personal encryption

key so that you can have different roles with different keys
(accounting people, technicians, help desk etc..) and a user-personal
encrypted folders at the same time. With group encryption keys only
members of the specific group can have access to the docs in the
encrypted folders, and that's good I think (e.g. tech people don't need

to know your ridicolous salary ;) ). You can even have encrypted share
folders (e.g. on a file server) and all docs are encrypted/decrypted
on-fly on the end point (so they "travel" encrypted on you LAN).You can

manage all the groups/keys quite easily from a centralized server and
you don't need to be a high-encryption-skilled guy actually.

I installed it few times on customers site when the software was
RSA-then-TFS branded and the finally bought it.

Hope this helps


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Hello all,

I need to implement hard disk encryption in my enterprise and hence
have been evaluating safegaurd Easy 4.31 and safeboot.

I have tested various facets (Encryption, management, installation,
data recovery, etc) of both the tools and both appear to be equally

Since i do not have much knowledge of hard disk encryption, i wanted to

know which tool is more effective and easy to manage.Or infact any
other good hard disk encryption tool in your knowledge. I want to
implement the tool in client server architecture for easy management.

would appreciate some comments.



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