Re: Network Re-design


I think that the best for you would be to set up serveral network segments. At least one for the DMZ with all your servers and one for the workstations, each in a different subnet. For the security, also think of using site-to-site VPN between your two sites.

With your amount of workstations I would advise you to buy a strong appliance box for routing / firewalling / VPN and eventually antispam, antivirus, intrusion prevention, URL filtering and so on.


Jeremy Saintot

Tornado a écrit :
Hello All,

We are in process of redesigning our whole network from security
perspective. We have around 400 workstations with around 20 servers. These are located between 2 locations and connected with dedicated P2P link.
None of the servers are facing the internet at the moment.But in the forthcoming months we might have some servers facing the internet.
I wanted to know what are the considerations we need to take
when taking such a crtical activity. Are there any good resources on the net
which help us to get started?

Thanks in advance.

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