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I don't think not freeing memory will cause any problem. When your
program terminates, the OS will do the cleanup job automatically and
all the memory used by the program will be freed. Its FUD nothing


On 3/3/07, Craig Wright <cwright@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Attached is a small piece of code designed to write memory without freeing that memory - a situation that will eventually cause a memory overrun and crash as I am not freeing the buffer.

int main(int argc, char **argv)

{ char * MemorytLeak = new char[32];

MemorytLeak [0] = 'B';

printf("%cn", MemorytLeak [0]);


You have recieved this as an email. It may be in text form or processed. I can however state that not a single person receiving this e-mail will resultantly have a system crash due to receiving this code. If I was to write it into a script and send the e-mail as HTML, I could still say the same.

Writing text in itself is not an attack. To make this into an attack, I have to do more than just sending it. Stating that it is possible to inject script is not a function of a fax or an OCR engine. I could categorically compile or otherwise run all code and script received a fax machine. I could meticulously ensure that no errors occurred and that the code was correct load it into some application that will run it and state that I have been attacked.

This however is not an attack through fax or OCR for that matter. In the above-mentioned situation the attack occurs not because I have received code, but rather as I have decided to run code or script on my system.




I reiterate, F.U.D.

(This e-mail was composed and sent completely using recycled electrons)

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