RE: FUD - was FAX a virus

Sorry, I don't remember that. I first used email in the 70's and Arpa
net in the 80's. The first email distributed virus I know of was in the
mid 80's - shortly after the first use of the term virus in Prof. Fred
Cohen November 3, 1983 experiment and paper. In this he used a VAX
11/750 running Unix to create a virus that infected 'vd' (never checked
if there was a pun there... at the time I first read the paper I never

The first email virus I know of was in 1984. Way prior to most people
even knowing what email was. The 1988 worm was before most people knew
what email was.

Yet fax was (sort of) common in the 70's (at least in financial firms
and media).

With email you attach a binary. Please I would love to know how to
attach a binary executable to a scanned image?


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The idea of faxing a virus is ludicrous and this demonstrates the FUD
in the industry.

I remember when they said that about email.

Good Times, Good Times...

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