RE: General question


First of all, if your boss is disclosing to you or anyone else what your
co-workers earn, I would think that alone is enough to question his
judgement. In many companies, co-workers discussing/comparing salaries is
deemed to be an offense punishable by termination. I simply cannot fathom
someone telling an employee what that person's co-workers earn under
anything but extraordinary circumstances.

Second, Craig's comments about the market driving salaries are right on. If
you look at the work that person does in the context of how scarce his or
her abilities are, then you can understand how a person with a demonstrated
ability to hit a 95MPH fastball can ask for and reasonably expect to earn
millions of dollars a year. Does that person "do more stuff" than you or I?
Probably not. But that person certainly does possess skills that are much,
much harder for an employer to find, and the number of people who would like
to do that work is far greater than the number of jobs available.

In the current market, security people are becoming easier to find because
it's a hot sector right now, but I think they're still scarcer than network
engineers. Based on your emails of the past couple weeks, it certainly
sounds like your current employer doesn't place as much value on the
services you provide as another employer might. My two cents is that you
should get your resume updated and polished, and start knocking on doors
looking for your next gig. Use your current travails as a learning
experience - you'll know better now what questions to ask a prospective
employer about how they expect to utilize you, and what mandates and
responsibilities you'll be given.

Good luck.


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