DNS recursion Windows 2003

From a 3rd party scan -

desc: This DNS server has query recursion enabled, allowing it to answer requests for DNS zones outside of your authority. This configuration may allow attackers to perform a cache poisoning attack on your server, corrupting then name-to-IP translation tables, potentially enabling man-in-the-middle attacks.
remed: Check your DNS server documentation for instructions on either disabling recursion or limiting the hosts which may ask for recusrive queries. For example, in BIND 8, the 'allow-recursion' directive can be used for this purpose.

From what I have read, windows server 2003 DNS does have the ability to restrict recrsive lookups to a specific IP range, (my local network). It's either on or off, and off is not an option. Given that, what are the recommendations for a non-authoritative forwarder, Bind, tinynds etc?