Re: Laptop security

I might look at:
-Hardening the OS,
-physical locks (like cables, alarms, etc),
-auditable processes for base imaging and updates,
-restricted user access level (no admin login - i guess that is OS hardening - sorry :),

-decommissioning procedures that securely wipe the disk (or destroy it),
-asset tags (for loss, not necessarily theft), registering the device with the manufacture (slim chance I'm sure, but it is another layer)

Of course it depends on the potential value of the assets (or potential damage). If there is no value then who cares, if it is the most valuable then there are other crazy things that could be done.

-Remove the ability for a user to write to the disk at all (DVD image for example)- all saves to the network device that connects over VPN..
-there are tracking beacons out there too

i dont know if that is exactly what you were looking for, but there are some ideas...