RE: What backup software do you use and like?

Took a look at this and I like what I see, except that it doesn't
support tape backups. I'm still hesitant to use removable HDs for
primary backups - I see too many fail due to the rough handling for
taking things off-site. And I'm a big proponent of off-site backups.

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A recent client of mine expressed the same concerns with a similar
environment. I've always favored the BackupExec solution until version
11d, my only complaint to that point was the cost of the software and
that most small businesses I consult for could not afford it. After
speaking with several friends they advised me to look into a company
called Vembu ( that develops a package named
"Store Grid". Vembus' solution allows for disk to disk backups for
Exchange, Active Directory, SQL and more. Their web based console
includes dashboard reports, local to remote server migration, email
notifications, PRE/POST job commands and encryption to name a few. My
client has been running this solution for one month and is very pleased
with the results.

Hope this helps!


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