Re: What backup software do you use and like?

andrews@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
It does look good.

Does anyone know how it compares to Retrospect? I have been using that for years, but the Store Grid product seems potentially compelling. Is it worth switching? How necessary is the "open file" plugin?
Its only necessary when you need it and don't have it. With many folk working odd hours I'd suggest rather have it than not have it.

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After speaking with several friends they advised me to look into a company called Vembu ( that develops a package named "Store Grid". Vembus' solution allows for disk to disk backups for Exchange, Active Directory, SQL and more. Their web based console includes dashboard reports, local to remote server migration, email notifications, PRE/POST job commands and encryption to name a few. My client has been running this solution for one month and is very pleased with the results.
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