Re: How to securing endpoints?

We do the MAC locking option and set static reservations in DHCP. It was a
LOT of work to set up, but maintaining it isn't too bad if you script the

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Re: How to securing endpoints?
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The Cisco solution can also be clientless. And it's also independent
of the operating system as in windows, mac ox, and linux. I suppose
things can be arranged for the rest of the OSs...

On 1/23/07, Jaime Ruiz <jruiz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You sould take a look at the NAC technology from Mirage Networks. This is
a clientless aproach to NAC in opposite to Cisco and independant of the
operating system.


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Asunto: How to securing endpoints?

Seeking pointers on how to secure endpoints within the LAN.

With an AD domain running, without any Radius authentication mechanism, I
am wondering whether it would be worth investing yet, in the nascent
Microsoft/CISCO NAC technology.

My main concern is, to find ways to prohibit anyone/everyone to be able
to just plugin their PC/laptop into the UTP wall socket and get a lease
from my DHCP servers. We are looking at a network of about 1000 pc's here.

MAC learning and locking at the switch layer is an option but I foresee a
huge administrative overhead in my scenerio where helpdesk rolls out
several new PC's daily.

Any other options??

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