Re: F5 and Load Balancing

In my experience with the F5 bigIP I'd suggest saving the money and just
using 1 bigIP unit. It has never failed me and we grew to rely on it for
just about everything.

As an alternative Pound ( also worked out
flawlessly and was free. bigIP came with a pretty web based GUI but Pound
also would have performed perfectly for us in most situations.

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My Network group would like to leverage F5's bigIP products to do load balancing in both the Web tier as well as the application tier of our networks. While I take no issue with that approach, I do have a level of paranoia regarding them using the same physical device. Am I justified in my concern? Should I require them to purchase two additional F5s for this implementation (HA configuration) or should I allow them to use the same F5 and use VLANS to separate them? What is the threat of using the same device? Does the costs justify the added expense?

Lots of questions.


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