Re[3]: Identifying passion for security?


Monday, December 11, 2006, 9:00:59 AM, you wrote:

A good idea whould be to have them do a few tests on sites like for example. It's fairly basic stuff (in
the beginning) but it would prove whether they know what they are
talking about or not. Then again, this will only be useful when
looking in the lines of penetration testers. Also another good idea
is to look for hackers in prison pending release. You'll have to
look hard for a trustworthy person but at the end of the day you'll
know that you got the best of the best with the highest degree of
passion availible. Alot of those people turn good after being to
prison but keeping a close eye on them wount do any harm.

I think really good ones are not in prison, nobody knows about them,
that's why they are really good. They know how to hide themselves, in
prison you can find script kiddies.. rare somebody with skills.

Best regards,

Roman Shirokov


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