Re: About War Driving ..

I'm guessing this is a buisness wireless network, not home based?
It's possible that this is an inside job. Someone who works in the building could be bringing a laptop inside (or sitting outside in their car for that matter), using a legitimate wep key which you gave out to your employees.
I would reccomend setting up your wireless network to:
1) Disable DHCP and manually assign an IP address to each wireless device
2) Set the wireless security settings to only allow MAC addresses of known machines (you have to enter the MAC addresses by hand most likely).

This isn't guranteed to prevent them from accessing the network, but it will make it a lot more difficult. Now they'll have to spoof the MAC address of another machine, which just happens to be offline while they're spoofing.

Please note though, I don't have a lot of experience with wireless networking.
The only true way of making a wireless network unhackable is not to use one at all.

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