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WEP is so trivial to break, that there'd be no point on keeping on rotating your WEP key. To answer your question in short first:

No, it's almost impossible to locate a user on your WLAN. Best you could do is counter-intrude and try to find out who he is, but that could be illegal in your jurisdiction.

There are several solutions, some more effective than others.

1) Filter his MAC address, or whitelist the MAC addresses you know are good.

2) Put a default deny rule on all outgoing traffic and introduce a proxy server with authentication on it.

3) Make your WLAN a DMZ which requires strong authentication to access either intranet or Internet resources.

I consider the last options the best one; I imagine that since he's in your WLAN, he's probably compromised other hosts to leave himself a backdoor in, for when his access is revoked again. If WLAN users were in the DMZ, the damage he could do would be limited.

Good luck stopping it.

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