Call for security enthusiasts!

Dear All,

I intend to form a security enthusiasts group to promote security. Currently I am looking for other security enthusiasts in Bangalore, India itself, so that we can get together and plan the whole thing.

Currently, I have the following ideas:-

1. Promote the knowledge of security through talks, meets and online discussion. (We'll begin with Bangalore, then India and if everything goes well, we can expand.)
2. Hold montly meets at Bangalore as well as other cities (if there are enough volunteers).
3. Engage ourselves in small PoC's and research work on topics like SSO, Crypto-graphy and any other area of security you might imagine in our free time.
4. Be an open group that would have no commercial interest in it's activities. Everything would be done for fun of doing it.

If anyone of you is interested in this and believe this thing can be done, please do mail me back and let me know about your ideas. It would be great if people from other countries can also find some time for this.

Susam Pal