Re: PDA's/Blackberrys: risk to networksL

Chinnery, Paul wrote:
Some of our directors are bringing in PDA's like Palms and using them
to sync up with their email. Since virus writers and mailicious
hackers are targeting these devices, we are wondering what the
security impact is on networks Can viruses be transmitted easily
between PDA and the network machine they connect to? Could a key
logger prg or other malicious prg be easily transferred? We're a
small, rural hospital and although I keep pretty current on security
issues I haven't see much on this forum or other security related
forums which is why I am asking the group for their opinions. BTW,
we're a W2K shop with W2K Pro and XP sp2 computers using Exchange2K
and SQL.

Paul Chinnery


As the recent ipod infections show, any device that plugs into a Windows
box is susceptible to malware thanks to the auto-run features in
Windows. At the same time, IMO, a Blackberry or PDA is a tremendous
productivity tool and probably worth the risks. If you can limit the
synching to PCs under your control, then you can at least make sure that
all the anti-malware tools are in place.



Nick Owen
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