Re: One computer two different networks

Not really sure how people are able to reply to this yet...

I have a few questions that should be answered:

1) How secure is "high-security?" As others have asked, does this mean like TOP SECRET access or something up to DoD standards, or just high-security in an arbitrary fashion? You mention that this is an isolated network already, does this mean it is even isolated from other computers on your own internal network in your company or organization? That may indicate the expected level of security as well.

2) What access is needed on the Internet? Would it be just email access? Web access? IM? Anything and everything?

Just to clarify, my computer has access to the Internet while at work, and I don't consider it to basically be "public domain" just because I'm on the Internet... In addition, devices that do this sort of separation are all over the place. Try any network firewall, for instance. Firewalls separate networks of varying security or trust levels.

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