RE: Suggestion needed

Hi chen

I suggest you to read "How To Own The Box"
and "How to OWn The Continent"
the Excerpts are scattered on the internet.
or if youre lucky googling,
you can find the full version of the book.

the book gives a lot of scenario about "real people"
and "real problem" on IT Security.

maybe by reading one of the stories on the books
you will get inspiration on what path you going
to choose..

the others, please enlighten me..


Hi, list:

I have been in web app development for a few years, now I have been in
security field over a year, seems I am pretty interested about hacker
techniques, malware analysis and IDS stuff, felt little bit hesitated
get into any day to day network management job like ACL, VPN account
management, but I know knowledge about firewalls and routers are also
important for a security professional, but I am not sure how deep I
should dig into this area.=20
Another concern is my language limitation and my nationality, I am from
China, I feel it would be a barrier for me to get into forensic field
since they demand very good presentation skills and high clearance.=20
So, what will be the right path for me to avoid my weakness and still
have a career I enjoy? Pen-testing? Incident response? web app testing?

Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

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