Re: RE: Detecting File Alteration

"Yes. Windows is preferred since we are trying to deploy host integrity
monitoring within an Active Directory (AD) environment. GPL Tripwire
is available for UNIX. Basically what we are trying to do is if we
have a sensitive file "TradeSecrets.pdf" or "Salaries.xls" located
either on a shared drive or local/remote drive, we want to monitor if
that file gets DELETED, RENAMED, COPIED, or MOVED either within the
file system or to an external drive. Systernals' REGMON and FILEMON in
combination achieve much of this with some manual parsing and sorting,
but I was just wondering if there was a better solution"

If your looking for only Deleted, renamed, copied, or moved, windows built in loging capabilities should cover that, along with proper ACL applied.

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