Re: Web Authentication

Hi there... do you know some software or exploit or whatever which can
make a brute force attack to htaccess? i just want to see how it works
or if there is some web site with more detailed information about this
kind of attack (brute force) ...actually i know how its work when you
try to compromise some work station but i never knew how it works with
htaccess. Thanks all

On 7/27/06, Florian Streck <streck@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 10:54:46AM +0300, Maxim Kostyukov wrote:
> What exactly you want to achieve by doing "better web authentication"?
> In you case, what are those weaknesses with htpasswd scheme?

Well the problem with htaccess is that there is no mechanism that
checks for the number of trials or failures.
So you can brute-force your way in.

> I am asking because it is almost impossible to answer your question
> without additional info.
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> Subject: Web Authentication
> >I have Slackware 10.1 runing. I am using it as a router and
> >fileserver. I use Apache 1.3 for web access. I have some web
> >directories which i want to secure more strongly than with htpasswd
> >but i dont know any other ways of authentication. Also a lot of my
> >scripts in those directories are wirted in PHP Perl and CGI scripting.
> >I need to find a better way of authentication? Does any one knows any
> >better way of authentication?
> >Thank you all in advance for your help

You could for example write a script that checks the logfiles for failed access
attempts and if there are to many restrict the access permissions for
the directories.
Otherwise you have to use scripts that provide the content of the

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