File field permissions?

I need to find out about how to accomplish different permissions on similar fields in a database. I'll explain below:

I am investigating whether it would be possible to setup a database located at a HEAD Office location. The entry and viewing of each of its data records is done from a web interface via web forms.

A running club gives each of its members a unique member number and password. some of those members are not normal 'users' but actually look after a few specific members.

Details Member number
Runner A 12345
Runner B 67890
Manager of both A and B 15937

Runner A and B access the database and enter their specific exercise session details onto the fields they are allowed to edit ie 1,2 of a 3 field webform. Each runner will be able to view field 3 but not edit it.

Manager logs in later to check what 'his' members have been doing. The manager will be able to view field 1,2 but not edit them. He can only edit field 3 of the 3 field form.

Would the above be possible and if so roughly how? I would think that the member number would dictate what fields can be edited, but I do not know how to accomplish this.

Tnx for the help
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