RE: Microsoft Active Directory security concerns

Hi Jason,

I am very delighted by your message because I was doing research on this
subject for the past few months. I came to the conclusion that I have to use
AD for the internal users and ADAM for the external users, but now the
implementation seems a bit tricky.

I need IIS to authenticate the users, how will IIS know when to look in AD
and when to look in ADAM? Does this have anything to do with proxy
redirection from ADAM to AD or do you have to synchronise all users to ADAM
and then somehow make IIS look solely at ADAM for authenticating both the
internal and external users?

Does this solution mean development of software where the software first
tries AD and if it is failing then go to ADAM for the authentication?

Does anyone have some direction where I can read more about this? I cannot
find resources dealing directly with this issues.


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