Re: Employee Monitoring in Terminal Service Environment

If you are the administrator why are you monitoring at their desktop?
Thin clients are all going through a mail server, proxy server,
firewall. It seems to me that you can monitor everything via logging
already in place. Do you really want to be big brother that way? Why
don't you block webmail to external resources rather than peeking in on
it. This sounds very close to the line of wiretapping! Hope you made
them sign off on this when they hired,


On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 19:57 -0400, Damon wrote:
Greetings all-

We are currently looking at employee monitoring applications. Main objectives
are to monitor; Internet activity, application usage and Email correspondence
(internal using exchange and external web-based apps ie. Yahoo, Gmail,
Hotmail). After evaluating several popular solutions it appears as the
difficulty is finding an app that will support a terminal server environment
(specifically Microsoft TS). Ninety percent of our workstations are thin
clients. Does anyone have suggestions for an application that can provide us
with what we are looking for.


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