Re: Protecting sensitive files on a Windows file server

We already have a RSA infrastructure in place (used to authenticate
our VPN). Are their any RSA authentication solutions which works at
folders/file level.

The cost to build a seperate server is prohibited at the moment.
There is a RSA Windows Agent avaliable but it only works to
authenticate Windows OS logons and not at the folder/file level.

On 21/06/06, Tyler, Grayling <ggtyler@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The most secure is going to be the two factor from RSA but it is also
the most cumbersome to work with for the end users. Depends on just how
sensitive the files are.

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Subject: Protecting sensitive files on a Windows file server

We are looking for a secure way to store very sensitive files on our
Windows servers. The data is shared. We will turn on full auditing,
create hidden shares and a security group.

Which type of protection would be most suitable:

Office 2003 encryption
Windows EFS
Winzip 9.x encrypted archives
RSA SecurID Windows Agent (2 factor authentication)
PGP Desktop Pro

Our concern with the Windows/Office encryption types is that it could
be cracked - ie. someone could get hold of the file and run some kind
of password recovery on the file and access the data.

Any ideas on how to approach this would be much appreciated.
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